Posted by Mt. Washington Ski Club on Jan 09 2017 at 10:44AM PST

What a wonderful community we have this year! So great to see so many old and new faces…including these two who still help out hugely with the club, even though their kids haven’t been in it for years!! Our Marmots, as they are called, are “parent graduates”, who are integral to the smooth running of our races, and support the club in many behind the scenes ways, including club cabin maintenance, equipment repairs and donations, computer support, and also financially with sponsorship. Make sure you give these guys a hug and thank you if you see them!
We had 15 parents do the Level 1 officials course this weekend. Don’t be shy to sign up to help at our upcoming race. It is a huge amount of fun to be part of these events and we need our new parents to gain experience…as one day you will be the older and wiser Marmot we will be counting on!
Again a huge welcome to all and if you are a new family don’t be shy to jump right in. If you have ideas for making things even better, be sure to share them with your coordinator, as this is your club!


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