Level 2 Officials course!

Posted by Mt. Washington Ski Club on Jan 23 2017 at 10:43PM PST

FULL COURSE: February 24th, 5-9pm AND February 25th, 4-9pm
REFRESHER COURSE: Saturday March 4th, 3:30-7:30pm

Paul Francisty is holding both a full Level 2 officials course and a refresher. If you managed to help out last weekend at the GS race, you know how much fun it is to get involved. With the Level 2 course, it doubles the fun you can have! Just look at these two with their drills!!

This level is the second of three officials’ courses and is designed for those who have already taken the Level 1 course and have then obtained the necessary practical experience to qualify for Level 2.
Level 2 has been designed as a detailed introduction to the methodology of alpine ski racing, the types of races, rules, points systems as well as preparing officials for the managerial positions of chief of gates judges, chief of course, chief of race, start referee, finish referee and referee (coaches). It is a fairly intensive course and does not cover in any detail the material presented in Level 1.
The objectives of the course are to develop officials capable of functioning at a carded-level race and to provide a base of experience and knowledge to course participants to allow them to assume greater responsibilities at higher-level races.
Course description:
Time required: Eight hours plus a one-hour exam (may be done in one day or two evenings).
Course fee: Set by the provincial alpine associations’ officials’ chair – includes manual and officials’ pin.
Prerequisites: Level 1 certification and practical experience in at least three different
officials’ positions from two different categories which cover a minimum of eight days race experience.
Exam: One hour – multiple choice, true/false and short answers. Open book.
Cost $35

Level 2 REFRESHER would be on Saturday March 4th starting at 3:30 pm and ending 7:30 pm. This course is for officials who currently hold level 2 certification and have not attended an update for the past 3 years.
Cost $35

Please contact Paul Francisty if interested..


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