Club race #1 this Saturday

Posted by Mt. Washington Ski Club on Jan 26 2017 at 09:03AM PST

The kids will be getting excited to have their chance to “race” around the gates! Here is some information from Head Coach JT:
The Day:
The idea of the day is to have older athletes interact with younger athletes, almost becoming the coach for the day…. Hopefully this creates more interaction and gives kids hero’s or at least buddies within the club… OH, and have a lot of FUN! Coaches will be there every step of the way to guide the kids and help facilitate the interaction. We will have a fun dual panelled slalom and several other exercises and sets on skiers right of Whiskey jack, this is where we will spend the majority of the day.

Parent Help: always appreciated!
We could do with a bit of help getting equipment up to Whiskey jack and set. Jim has also indicated that it might be nice to have a couple parents help his Sat Group #5 and Natalia’s Sat Group #4, any help with coordinating helpers would also be great.

There will be some extra coaches on hand but here is plan for groups, based on who we know is coming so far. Don’t forget to check attendance off the event calendar if you haven’t already!

Keegan’s Sat Group #1
Lorraine’s Sat Group #2 With John and Krystal and the U14’s/U16’s
Lorraine”s Sun Group #1

Sylvi Sat Group #3
Natalia’s Sat Group #4 With John F and the U12’s
Darcy’s Sat Group #6

Jim’s Sun Group #2
Keegan’s Sun Group #3 With Deb and AMS
Calvin’s Sun Group #4

Jim will take the “Half day Hero’s" Sat Group #5

Sets: Will be Skier Right Whiskey jack and will include Dual panelled SL after lower roll.


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